Saturday, February 20, 2010

Binary Code Snack

A clan of weavers. A clan of weavers though? A clan. Of weavers. A clan of weavers.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bench Snack

Looking through my iPhoto, I found this. Taken three years ago maybe?


The GM at my restaurant, Buanao, gave me this list that she found, which she called

"Twelve or Thirteen Things That Will Keep Your Brain Active."

-Eat one Egg a Day!
-3 or more 4 ounce glasses of JUICE a week
-7 hours of sleep a NIGHT
-NO MORE THAN two hours of TV a day
-Spice up your life! With rosemary, basil, cinnamon, turmeric, oregano, thyme and SAGE
-Study another language!
-5 or more cups of green tea a day (INTENSE)

Good thing I already do all of these things without thinking about it! Onto the next list, Steps to Ensure Your Nobel Peace Prize

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maddy Fergusnack

Looked like her today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Play Snack Up

2010 has brought on a slew of busyments! From here to there and there to here I flit, with tasks, and work, and rehearsals, and Fresh Ground Pepper and books to read and meetings and a new vegetable cookbook for Christmas, and a new apartment that I live in that needs a bit of painting and some shelves..

Of course, this means I have been HEINOUS about snacking in this new decade. I snack in life! Oh yes, of course. But then I forget to transmit said snackery back to my dear bloggo.

I will give you a smattering of my recent snacking in life, and then we can feel all caught up and ready/able to snack the small things again. So let's get started!

I watched Gone With the Wind for the very first time.

I saw Noel Coward's Brief Encounter at St. Ann's Warehouse and it was my favorite thing.

I finished applications to

Soho Think Tank's Ice Factory

and Elsewhere Collaborative

THIS guy

Hamlet opens in a few weeks!

Fresh Ground Pepper is going strong in its second year. We kicked off the year at Irondale, and last week we had a sweet festivity at Flushnik, where we premiered our brand new website.


I won a contest for free tickets to see Youth in Revolt , which had a whole lotta

in it.

I'm also gonna mack on dis place for free.

I was in the Daily News!

My friends is on dis. I went to me first one of dese. I fell in love with dis song. I got paid to be on dis show. I am reading dis and dis and dis.

And I sleep when I can. And I drink coffee, and plan vacation and more busyment.